Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Google Launches New Technology

Google has been hard at work improving existing technologies. This past month they added iOS to their Apps and launched their Google Partners program. Since the Google search engine is the top way for small businesses to be spotted, both programs will be innovative to digital marketing. GAL Inc is a professional marketing company that follows all of the latest technology to help better advertise your business.

Although Apple is Google’s largest competitor, iPhones and iPads are too big of a market for Google to ignore. Many apps that were previously exclusive to Androids are now available to Apple products. Many updates will revolve around Google Now.

Even bigger news for internet marketing companies is the launch of Google Partners earlier this week. This will make things cheaper and easier for smaller businesses to become Google certified. This helps people find more in-depth information on your business and will show which companies are endorsed by Google. This will help people find the most reliable business.

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