Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Domain Name System

A ‘Domain Name System’ (more commonly referred to as DNS server) is the technological concept that allows the internet to function. What it does is resolve a domain name ( into an IP address. This way, when you type a website's address into your web browser, the DNS system will translate it to the IP address. This will send the website’s content to your computer.
DNS servers also contain databases for internet hosts. These are based on a hierarchy. The highest level contains the root servers that are commonly referred to as the internet backbone. There are 13 root servers worldwide, ten of which are located in the United States. Under the root servers are the local DNS servers. These are generally run independently by private businesses, such as hosting companies.

Each Local DNS server is managing a local network on its own that can point to DNS servers below it. This creates a network that can expand almost without limits. Since the internet is ubiquitous and contains a plethora of useful information, internet marketing is now a leading form of advertising. GAL Inc provides a wide array of custom internet marketing solutions to various industries on both a local and national level. We can help to get your business more exposure to a wider clientele.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What is IIS?

IIS, or Internet Information Server, is Microsoft's business-class web server that currently dominates the Internet server market.

IIS is comprised of a group of Internet servers, complete with a set of programs that developers can use to host websites, services and applications.

From media streaming to web application, IIS is equipped to handle a variety of functions. Not only can IIS users run ASP.NET and PHP web applications on the same server, but users can also customize IIS and add new features through free IIS Extensions.

In addition to these benefits, other key features of IIS according to Microsoft's website include:
  • One developer and administrator model for web solutions
  • Increased security paired with modules to reduce attack exposure
  • Simplified problem resolution through diagnostic and troubleshooting tools
  • Delegated administration for hosting and enterprise workloads
  • Improved configuration and server support

IIS also allows users to operate on a flexible and easy-to manage web server that has the ability to speed up any website. The server has a built-in dynamic catching system as well as enhanced compression, which increase the operating speeds of websites.

Microsoft’s server is also highly reliable and secure because it reduces web server footprints and automatic application isolation, reduces the chance of a runaway application through performance sandboxing and offers greater application isolation by allowing processes to have a completely unique identity.

The server is very useful for developers because it provides people with the opportunity to create applications for configuration, management and functionality of servers as well as web applications that are hosted on IIS servers.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Google Purchases Boston Dynamics and Nest

  Google, one of the world leaders in technological advancement, has purchased two major autonomous manufacturing companies. On December 14Google purchased Boston Dynamics, a leading military robotics manufacturer, which has developed the humanoid Atlas robot and the quadruped Big Dog. Boston Dynamics developed these robots for the US military with funding from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). On Tuesday Google purchased Nest, for $3.2 billion cash. These are not the first robotics companies Google has snatched up, just the most recent. Since October 2013, Google has acquired eight companies that mainly focus is robotics.
  These companies have become part of Google [x], a secret facility run by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. The work of the secret facility, purportedly has a list of 100 projects such as self-driving cars, Internet services via balloons in the stratosphere, augmented reality glasses and neural networking. Google unveiled its self-driving cars and has implemented them as part of their world mapping program. Google Glass has become the subject of controversy with some states taking a preemptive strike against them.
  The company has not been secretive about their internet providing service, Project Loon. In the past, when Google purchased a company it did not take them long to unveil a product that featured the original company's main focus. So what does it mean that Google has purchased eight plus robotics companies in less than six months? Will they unveil a humanoid for the home?
  Speculation assumes that Google's purchase of the autonomous based companies will lead to superior sensor technologies. The initial plans are not for the consumer market, but rather the plan targets are manufacturing companies that will implement automation. These products should see the light of day in about three to five years.