Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What is IIS?

IIS, or Internet Information Server, is Microsoft's business-class web server that currently dominates the Internet server market.

IIS is comprised of a group of Internet servers, complete with a set of programs that developers can use to host websites, services and applications.

From media streaming to web application, IIS is equipped to handle a variety of functions. Not only can IIS users run ASP.NET and PHP web applications on the same server, but users can also customize IIS and add new features through free IIS Extensions.

In addition to these benefits, other key features of IIS according to Microsoft's website include:
  • One developer and administrator model for web solutions
  • Increased security paired with modules to reduce attack exposure
  • Simplified problem resolution through diagnostic and troubleshooting tools
  • Delegated administration for hosting and enterprise workloads
  • Improved configuration and server support

IIS also allows users to operate on a flexible and easy-to manage web server that has the ability to speed up any website. The server has a built-in dynamic catching system as well as enhanced compression, which increase the operating speeds of websites.

Microsoft’s server is also highly reliable and secure because it reduces web server footprints and automatic application isolation, reduces the chance of a runaway application through performance sandboxing and offers greater application isolation by allowing processes to have a completely unique identity.

The server is very useful for developers because it provides people with the opportunity to create applications for configuration, management and functionality of servers as well as web applications that are hosted on IIS servers.

A Internet marketing company that utilizes Microsoft's IIS server is G.A.L. Inc., which is located in Fair Lawn, NJ. For years, our professionals have been providing expert web solutions for small businesses while using IIS. For more information about G.A.L. Inc. and our use of IIS servers, contact us today.

G.A.L. Inc.
12-18 River Road (2nd floor)
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410


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