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Website Development Services in NJ

Are you looking for website development services in NJ? Since 2001 G.A.L. Inc. has built professional custom websites, that rank extremely well for relevant search terms, utilizing expertly crafted internet marketing tools and techniques. We have hundreds of thousands of examples to show well ranking web pages in various industries.

To enable your web pages to look good on all types of devices, you need responsive website design. This web design method is aimed at coding a website to give an optimal viewing, reading and navigation experience with minimal resizing, scrolling and panning across different devices, such as desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

The designer should make sure that the website's images, text, screen-layouts, audio/video players, navigation elements, as well as other UI elements, are able to re-adjust on a range of devices. Therefore, a website owner does not need to spend more time and money to create and maintain two versions of a website, like one for mobile phones and another for desktop computers.

Why do we need Responsive Website Design?

Time & Money
Some people think that it would cost a lot to make a responsive website. Though it is true that a responsive website can cost more than a conventional website, the expenses involved in duplicating a website for other devices are eliminated entirety. This results in a significant reduction of total development costs. Moreover, a responsive design reduces the total cost of ownership by removing the effort to maintain various versions of a website, such as a version for desktop computers and one for mobile devices. Therefore, investing in responsive design is a smart decision and long-term solution.

Pervasion of Mobile Devices
The Internet traffic that comes from mobile gadgets is significantly increasing each day. Since a lot of people are using their tablets and smartphones to browse the web, it is certainly foolish for a website publisher to disregard the importance of responsive website design. Soon the standard will be "One Size Fits All Devices".

User experience
Though content and its ability to be found are the primary metrics of success, it is the user experience that lets visitors use content on websites by means of the device they choose. Therefore, responsive website design is all about offering an optimal user experience regardless of the device used, whether it is a desktop computer, tablet, smart-TV or smartphone.

Agnostic to Devices
Responsive websites are not tied to particular devices and their operating systems. Responsive website design guarantees that users obtain the best, reliable experience of a website on whatever device they prefer to use, whether it is an iPad, iPhone, Windows OS or smartphones running Android OS, among others. Therefore, content publishers and website owners do not have to build other versions of their site for different device platforms that viewers might be using.

The Way Forward
As a result, instead of dividing website content into different experiences for specific devices, it is wiser to take on the responsive website design method. However, this does not mean that there is no business case for other sites aimed at specific devices. For instance, if content viewed on a mobile device is limited compared to when it is viewed on its desktop counterpart, the best approach is to serve different content to each.

Nevertheless, this way of design-thinking need not be our default. At present, digital content is intended to be viewed on a wide range of experiences and responsive design offers the away ahead.
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Monday, August 20, 2018

Social Media Marketing


Are you looking for a Social Media Marketing Agency to improve your online presence? G.A.L. Inc. has been a Social Media Marketing Agency that helps local and national brands with they social media marketing management. Social media marketing (SMM) involves the strategic usage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, and many more.

Marketing is defined as the business of promoting and selling products or services. Many marketers over the years have come up with many ways to accomplish this such as the use of flyers, newspaper ads, and billboards. But today, many marketers are going online and using the internet as a powerful marketing tool. This has given rise to internet marketing and its many forms. Internet marketing can come in the form of affiliate marketing, SEO, and Email marketing. But one of its more popular forms is social media marketing.

Social media marketing is defined as the process of gaining traffic or attention through the use of websites such as Facebook and Twitter. These websites have become a very effective marketing tool for businesses because of their popularity and ability to create a fast ripple effect.

Research has shown that people who use these websites log in more frequently than any other website in the world. This means that people who use these websites use them a lot. Businesses have seen this as a very important marketing strategy because of the availability of people to interact with. This has given rise to social media marketing because of the amount of exposure it gives websites and companies. For example, if they use a social networking site such as Facebook, they can create their own page and load it with the company's information and other data. They can update the company's page with products, services, and promos that they might have as well as any upcoming events. They may also use the site as a company page rather than creating their own web page.

Another example would be the use of Twitter. Twitter is a social networking site that is primarily created for people to post their thoughts and ideas on their own page or account for 140 characters or less. This website has also become a very popular social media marketing tool because of its design and functionality. The site is designed to be a website where people can say anything they want and at the same time follow anyone they want. This has provided businesses and companies with a marketing environment where they, like Facebook, create their own Twitter account and post or "tweet" about the latest updates of the company's services, promos, events, and products. Many businesses and companies have benefited from these two sites alone because of the number of users that it generates and the number of people that use it every day.

Social media marketing is not limited to just Facebook and Twitter. There are many other sites such as Instagram, and LinkedIn, and they all provide businesses with the same type of exposure. Social media marketing boils down to how many people can the business attract. Social media marketing has the ability to generate a massive number of users to a business website. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are at the top of any company's list because of the number of people that are on it every day. Other social media marketing sites such as Instagram is now booming with their pictures and video posting. The importance of social media marketing is its ability to appeal to a mass market rather than a constricted one and this has proven to be a valuable asset that companies would put a high value on.

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