Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Domain Name System

A ‘Domain Name System’ (more commonly referred to as DNS server) is the technological concept that allows the internet to function. What it does is resolve a domain name ( into an IP address. This way, when you type a website's address into your web browser, the DNS system will translate it to the IP address. This will send the website’s content to your computer.
DNS servers also contain databases for internet hosts. These are based on a hierarchy. The highest level contains the root servers that are commonly referred to as the internet backbone. There are 13 root servers worldwide, ten of which are located in the United States. Under the root servers are the local DNS servers. These are generally run independently by private businesses, such as hosting companies.

Each Local DNS server is managing a local network on its own that can point to DNS servers below it. This creates a network that can expand almost without limits. Since the internet is ubiquitous and contains a plethora of useful information, internet marketing is now a leading form of advertising. GAL Inc provides a wide array of custom internet marketing solutions to various industries on both a local and national level. We can help to get your business more exposure to a wider clientele.

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